pressing on

As I lay in my little tent the cold slowly seeped through my summer weight sleeping bag and into my bones. The rain had stopped and the stars had come out and the promise of a fine morning which meant a rematch with the Black-Fronted Terns was certainly on the cards. But that was cold comfort at the time and man did I wish I had my winter sleeping bag with me. It’s the 22nd of December for goodness sakes, it isn’t sposed to be this cold in summer.
Eventually, I drifted off to sleep and as what happens most nights, the morning arrived chasing away the darkness and I crawled my way out of my tent to a pale blue sky.
Steve was all comfy in the wagon but took little persuasion to get us back down the road to take on the birds.

The Battle of the Birds

This time we had much more light but those birds were jinking and jiving all over the place searching the wet long grass for worms and Lizards. These birds were superb aerial acrobatics and it really put us through our pacers trying to keep them in the viewfinder.
We were in Bird Photographers heaven, birds that we had searched high and low in the North Island without any real success were now wheeling ducking and diving around our ears and those shutters were working over time.

A Black-Fronted Tern searches intently for fat worms and the occasional lizard below in the long wet grass.

The better light was a very welcome addition, faster shutter speeds and a deeper depth of field means everything to the bird photographer.

With our memory cards bulging we started to take notice of our surroundings and soon enough it was time to go exploring so we roared off down the road to see what Molesworth Station had to offer in the way of Landscape opportunities.

The Transformation

With the Sun out, the day was turning into a ripper.

Molesworth was turning it on for us and we were going to make the best of it as the weather forecast was promising another wet cold front overnight and thus it proved to be correct. But for now, we were making hay while the sun did shine.

It never ceases to amaze me how the weather transforms the landscape.


Looking up the Acheron River, Molesworth Station

We had a glorious morning that carried right on into the evening.

With the sun slowly setting the soft light was irresistible

Even the Hares had dried out

Even the baby Rabbits came out to play

Soon enough the sun began to dip behind the hills and it was not long before the clouds hid the stars from us.
Next day we were due to head south and so it proved to be but not before we visited another group of Black-Fronted Terns.