Photoshop Digital Darkroom Workshops

Photoshop  Digital Darkroom Workshops

I offer Lightroom training over the internet now via Google or messenger in Facebook.

Units are priced at $55.00 per unit with a maximum of 2 people per class.

Whole package Discount of 6 units either at your home or mine = $300.00 plus travel expenses when applicable.


Unit 1: Jump start your Photoshop experience

We start with a brief introduction and question session, then move onto
Setting up your workspace and getting comfortable with the layout out of Photoshop also you will learn to setup your own personal workspace.

Unit 2: Working with layers.
Layers are at very heart of Photoshop.
This unit covers a basic understanding of what layers are , how they work and how to use them.

Unit 3: Working with the tools.
In this unit we’ll explore the various tools in Photoshop that are specific to working with photographs and see what they do.
Learn how to use the clone stamp, brush tool and other tools to enhance your photos.

Unit 4: Finding the hidden detail in your images
We will be exploring the shadows and Highlights tool in this unit,to bring out the hidden detail in your images.

Unit 5: Sharpening.
In this unit we will discuss the basics of sharpening and the use of plugins to improve your workflow.

Unit 6: Smart objects
In this unit we will be looking at smart objects and how they can be used to bring the best out of your images.