One on one training

One on One training
Boney offers one on one training at  home or in the field .
$200.00  for at least  5 hours  or if that’s too much time then we can come to some sort of arrangement.

How does this work?
Simple, if your interested in some one on one time with me, phone 04 5268711 or  Email Boney
let me know  your objectives.
I can suggest some great places to expand you photographic skills and we can begin the planning process, If you would like me to come up with a plan and your open to my suggestions I can formulate a plan for the day, if you have a place in mind , lets go have a look together.
You may want to simply  go over your cameras settings with me and discuss your options or get me to show you how to set your  camera up for different situations.

Group size: Maximum 1 photographer
You can bring a non-participating partner.

Equipment and skills needed
• Digital camera.
• A understanding of how to adjust your camera’s basic settings.
• Windproof top and warm clothing.
• A tripod. I can supply up to two.
• A positive attitude and a sense of humour is mandatory.

What would be handy
• Neutral density graduated filters.
• Cable release
• Thermos.
• Your camera hand book.

What’s included
• One on One Guidance.

What’s not included
• Meals and snacks.
• Alcohol and sweet drinks.

Fitness level
I will not push you past your comfort zone.

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