Photoshop Lightroom Digital Darkroom Workshops

Photoshop Lightroom Digital Darkroom Workshops
In these digital imaging workshops we explore Adobe’s Photoshop  Lightroom.

Since the introduction of  Photoshop Lightroom of which I was a beta tester nearly 10 years ago Lightroom has become the most prefered image  software by most Photographers  and for good reason. Its awesome, when you know how to unlock its potential.

I offer personal Lightroom training over the internet now, via Google or messenger in Facebook.

The cost

Units are priced at $55.00 per unit with a maximum of 2 people per class.

Whole package Discount of 6 units either at your home or mine = $300.00 plus travel expenses when applicable.

Unit 1: What’s under the hood

We start off with a quick general over view of Lightroom then we set up your workspace and the way you want view your images and how Lightroom displays relevant information about your images.We then look at what is a data based catalogue and go on to setting up your catalogue preferences.

Unit 2: Organzing yourself
In the second of our units we start off by organizing your folder structure on your hard drives and telling Lightroom where the folders are, then we look at setting up your all important backup system.

Unit 3: Importing images into Lightroom
In the third of our units we start off by setting up your import preferences (applying presets, keywords and metadata),this tells Lightroom what information you want to display along with your images. We then move on to learn about Importing from an existing folder on your hard drive and external hard drives and flash cards.

Unit 4: Sorting your images
Adding unique keywords with the paint brush, presets and metadata. also ranking and flaging your images and whats the difference between the two options.

Renaming, removing and deleting.

Unit 5: Editing your image’s
What is non destructive editing, capture sharpening, setting the correct exposure and white balance.

Unit 6: Advanced organization
In this unit we will learn how to speed up our work flow using smart collections ,We will round the corse off with learning to store oue presets with our catalogue and getting your images out of lightroom.

Should you feel the need to delve deeper into Lightroom and require additional help, more advanced training is available on request.

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