Light-chaser Photographic Workshops Waikanae Estuary  

Lightchaser- Workshops

Waikanae Estuary

Tumbling down from the Tararua Ranges, the Waikanae River, slows and gently flows through the Waikanae Estuary to meet with the sea on the Kapiti Coast.
More species of coastal and aquatic birds visit the Waikanae Estuary and Waimanu lagoons than any where else on the Wellington Coast.

The Waimanu lagoons offer shelter and safety for the bird’s close to their food source and at times ESP late afternoon, the place just teems with bird life.

But what really makes this place truly unique, is the relationship between the human inhabitants and the wildlife.
No place that I have seen to date, has a bird population so tolerant of such close human contact
The birds are truly wild and free, but allow you very close, just a bit of patience and technical know how will get you stunning bird life image’s.


I run my workshops here, because of the great diversity of the landscape, the wildlife and the flora, this place has to offer. On a clear evening, the sun sinks beneath the horizon, silhouetting Kapiti Island in typical stunning West Coast fashion.

Cost  $200.00 per person per day average (5 hours).
Bring a friend or partner and save $ 50.00 each for the day.


Fitness required  for Waikanae and Waimanu  is minimal, although if you want to walk the beach and river mouth, some fitness is required, other wise even if you are in a wheelchair we can still get around.

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Have a look see at some of what you can expect  on my Waikanae workshop.
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