Lightchaser Photographic Workshops

Why choose a photographic workshop with Boney ?
A the reasonable price  of $200.00 for around 5 hours (a day out with Boney) , taking a workshop with me can be a real investment.
Bring a friend or partner and you can both saved $50.00.

My workshops  are conducted in a friendly, relaxed manner, having fun with lot’s of laughter is the best way to learn and we will having fun.
Turn up with the expectations of enjoying yourself and going home with some new tricks to put in your photographic goodie bag.

Something to think about
This little gem just might save you a lot of money.
Upgrade your camera skills and not your camera.
Learn how to get the most out of your existing gear, save money and gain more satisfaction with your results, this just may be the right move for you.

What makes Boney different?
Boney offers a wide range of options, from weekend workshops for individuals or small groups  to one on one tutoring on a hour by hour basis at home or in the field.

One on One workshops
Boney offers one on one training on a hour by hour basis at home or in the field .
Also we can do day trips or even a weekend.
More details

Weekend workshops
If your on one of my weekend workshops, the format is that we discuss techniques in the motel and then head out and put them into practice, out in the field.
At the end of the day  after dinner, we come back and start  processing your images step by step.

Custom workshops
You choose the location or subject you wish to learn more about, figure out how much time want to spend doing it and I’m right there with you. You may want to do a one day or two day workshop during the week, no worries.
You may be a hard core Photographer who wants to see the wildlife or landscapes on offer in the Southern North Island and your strapped for time. Well I know the spots and can get you there with a minimum of fuss, others may have time up their sleeve and want to take their time. Got a visitor coming for a short stay ?, let’s go and show him what a wonderful region/country we have and how lucky we are to live here.

Wildlife photography workshops
Based in Upper Hutt, I feel privileged to call this amazing city home. Not many people realize this, but from a birding point of view, we enjoy world class birding all within a couple of hours drive from Wellington City.
Irreplaceable wetlands with truly unique bird life and a variety of shooting locations, make this region a must see for the bird photographer.
I run custom workshops specifically focusing on the wildlife on the Wairarapa and the Kapiti Coasts for both the budding enthusiast wanting to learn a few tricks or the hard core wildlife photographer who wants to see what’s on offer in our region.

Our workshops are designed to educate and inspire
You may be just starting out in photography and want to learn about exposure, ISO and aperture settings, how they relate to each other and the various ways to utilize use them creatively.
Maybe you’ve been pressing the shutter for a while now and you want to move onto the more advanced techniques used by the pros well I can show you how.
I can help you capture that scene, I can teach you how to extend the capabilities of your camera gear. I will also teach you how to compose your image, to identify, simplify and successfully re-present what you are seeing through the view finder.

What does Boney provide ?
Our photographic workshops  provide the following practical hands on, tips and tricks, designed to  putt you on the fast track to learn  what you really can achieve, after a little teaching, encouragement and know how.

1. Input, suggestions and instruction.
2.  lectures, and briefings appropriate to each day’s activities followed up by in the field hands on tuition.
3. Instruction topics and hands on tuition to suit each photographers individual skill levels.
4. Pacing that will suit everyone’s photographic needs.
5. A relaxed environment, conducive to learning from one another.
6. Access to scenic places, with abundant wildlife.

The complete photographer’s toolbox

You will learn that there is three separate and distinct skill set’s, that make up the complete photographer .

1.Taming the beast: Tell your camera what to do.

2.letting it all hang out: Unleashing your creativity.

3.Post processing: The Final frontier.

I offer a variety of different workshops to suit your needs.

Fitness levels
We will suit each workshop according to your fitness capabilities

Where are my workshops run?

Our workshops are run in the South Wairarapa coast which includes the New Zealand fur seal colony,  Kapiti/Mana Coast and  Zealandia (Karori wildlife sanctuary)
These spots are chosen for either their abundant bird life or spectacular scenery.

Digital Darkroom Workshops
Boney also offers one on one Lightroom and  Photoshop tutoring in the comfort of your own home, or mine, for locals in the Wellington area.

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