My Christmas and new years message


Mr Dotterel wishes everyone a happy and relaxing Christmas and a blessed new year.

Well, Christmas has rolled around once again.
For some of us, there have been massive changes this time around, some good, some painful, some have big lessons attached, but one thing is for sure, we are here and so is Christmas.
As a follower of Jesus Christ, I hate much of what Christmas has come to mean too many.
Rampant commercialism,  an excuse for overindulgent eating and drinking, credit card debt as people confuse the giving of gifts as a sign of one’s love for one another leading to overspending at the stores.
Domestic abuse skyrockets this time of the year as the pressure mounts, arrests for drunken and disorderly behaviour, murder, rape and chaos in general as well.
One could be excused for walking away and forgetting about Christmas altogether.
But what Christmas means to others is a very different thing, a time for family, a time to enjoy a rest and each other, a time to focus on Jesus.

I make no apology for this Christmas message, everything I am and do flows from the grace of God and my walk with Him.

For me, Christmas is pretty much the same as any other day except Jesus is in the world’s spotlight a little more than normal.
This is a good thing.
Jesus has given us the greatest gift in all of history, Himself by being born a human, by dying on the cross, taking our place on that cross and being raised again from the dead, so we likewise can follow in His footsteps.
But first He had to become a human being in order to live like us and show us the way.
He gives eternal life to anyone who desires it and it and is willing to pay the price of self-denial to walk with Him and do things His way.
Why His way?
Not because He wants to dominate us, but because He does know what’s best for mankind.
God loves us so much He incarnated Himself into His creation and became one of us so He could lead the way by example and by becoming a human He can now walk with us through life, fully understanding our struggles and hurdles, encouraging us onwards towards the goal of becoming more like Him.
That’s what Christmas means to me.
I hope and pray that all of us have a wonderful Christmas doing what we love best; it’s a time of great celebration after all.
I want to thank everyone for making my year, the year it was.
Those people who took part in my workshops
Those I have met through our, NZ bird image share, facebook group.
Those I hope to meet over the coming summer.
Those that have contributed to NZ bird image share.
Thanks, everyone for making this year such a great success.
Long may it continue.

So, enjoy your loved ones this Christmas and count your blessings and be grateful for what you have peoples.
For those who have lost a loved one, or are alone this Christmas, you have my sympathy and understanding.
Never give up hope, God came into this world to give us an abiding hope for the future, walk in it.

Being bachelors and no family commitments, Steve and I will be out and about this Christmas, you just never know where we will pop up next, so if you see these two people this holiday, say hello, we don’t bite.
Steve is on the left, me on the right.


God bless all you people heaps and heaps ❤

6 thoughts on “My Christmas and new years message

  1. haysmma2yahoocom

    Thank you for sharing. I am glad you and Steve are going out. I think about this time last year… different. I posted an article on Reclaiming about Christmas also. I wish you peace and joy always.

  2. eganh1

    Thank you for your kind message. It has food for thought. For me Xmas will mean family visiting and then the chance to get out in the hills with my camera. I wish you well.

    Howard Egan.


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