Boneys November News

Typically November through late March is the busy time for Boney Whitefoot and equally typical is the lack of an end of the year report as I am up to my neck,  either out shooting images, or sorting and processing gazillions of them.
So I have come up with a cunning plan, Im going to do my end of year report  before the end of the year, how’s that for logic 😀
This year has been insanely busy for me. At the beginning of the year I decided it would be good to start a new bird photographers Face Book group for beginners and experienced alike, where we can all share our images and adventures.
The plan is to network likeminded bird photographer enthusiasts throughout the country and to form a family friendly community online.
The group has been an amazing success due to the enthusiasm of our members and the friendly environment and has seen people who are long term Face group members that belong to very few groups on Face Book join ours.
I feel that as an honour and a reflection on the way the members of our group behave with respect and humour towards each other.
This was my intention from the start.
We now boast over 400 members and growing every week, not bad for a group of bird nutters 😀
You don’t have to be a Kiwi (New Zealander) to be a member and we wont bite your head off for posting birds that don’t come from New Zealand, so join us.
NZ bird image share
In addition to the Bird group I also started up a page for Boney Whitefoot where I post a few images most days and give out tips on how to improve your photography.
This too has enjoyed good patronage, so if your looking for a few handy tips or just to enjoy some New Zealand scenery, pop in for a look see.Boney Whitefoot Photography

We enjoyed around 6,000 visits to the blog last year so I hope it will be around the same this year.
Its been so much fun meeting new people through the group this year and I’m really looking forward to meeting a heap more over the upcoming summer.
I will still try and do the highlight’s for 2016 early next year but it won’t be a biggie.
Next year I hope to step up the workshops  as we have had a very positive response from those who took part in the workshops we ran this year, most have asked us to re-book them for the next step up , so that’s a pretty good sign.
its been a great year and I thank all you people that have helped make it so.  ❤

NZ  fur seal pup


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