Waikanae workshop

Two weekends ago, Steve and I had the pleasure of having a wonderful father/ daughter team on one of our workshops.
Corinne and her Dad Adam shared a day with us at the Waikanae river estuary on the Kapiti coast.
The day started out cold and blustery with lots of shags heading out to sea into the wind to fish for the day, they would become a good test for Corinne and Adam later on.
Steve and I had a quick walk around the ponds and estuary before Corinne and Adam arrived so we could plan our workshop around what was available for the day.
The Father and daughter team arrived on time and it didn’t take long before we had the cameras out and locked and loaded.

Steve gives Corinne some pointers on how to focus

A short talk on F.stops, light and how the camera sensor kind of works in relation to the lens and we hit track around the ponds.
Both Corinne and Adam were keen, quick learners and a joy to work with and encourage. The shutter buttons were working overtime as we walked along side them, handing out important tips and pointers that helped improve their creative artistic side as well as the technical approach to bird photography. As they shot their way around the place, we were also racking up an impressive number of bird species some of which neither Adam nor Corinne had seen before.

A pair of paradise ducks taken by Corrine





Corrine nailed this shag , I would be very proud of this shot myself.



Lunch time popped up and it was back to the wagon for a bite to eat.
A bit more talk about cameras and technique and we hit the beach and river mouth to see what was out there on the barren landscape.
Next on the agenda was the incoming shags , their flight path was predictable so we lined the team up and fired away.

Steve and Adam line up on the shags as they fly over head .
Fantastic practice can be had  with these birds multiple encounters.

The wind had dropped away and it was a pleasant walk out the surf, getting some great shots of Oyster Catchers shags and seagulls.

The shot of the day goes to Adam .
One oyster catcher attacking another and bowling it over 

By 3pm we were getting a little weary and returned to the car for a snack and wind up talk.
It was a wonderful day, one high light was the very friendly Kingfisher which caught a small fish and allowed Corinne very close to photograph it.
All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable day and rewarding for all concerned.

A young little shag allowed us to approach very close.

Another lovely shot by Corinne

The friendly local Kingfisher  put in an appearance early afternoon giving us lots of photo opportunities, Adam and Corinne made the most of it.




How not to take a photo lol
Dont stand with the sun behind you and your subjects having to squint into the sun lol

Father and Daughter team

Anyone interested  in a workshop  in the future please email me for more details.
or look at my workshop


We would be more than pleased  to share a day with you.




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