Follow your nose

Put a camera in my hand, jump in a wagon with a couple of likeminded mates and hit the road and see what happens.
That was our mind set the day we grabbed our old mate Ari and took him out to experience the rugged south eastern coast of the Wairarapa.
So over the Rimutaka ranges, out across the Wairarapa plains we went as the sun tried to peek through the clouds.
Once upon a time I would be disappointed with the over cast conditions, I was a sunny day junkie, not no more, I now know over cast days give a unique feel to our landscape and a great opportunity to capture the wild, lonely and sometimes desolate.
Our first stop was the small isolated coastal settlement  of Pahoa.
I had never been there before so it was a red line on the map for me and we meandered out around the inlet out onto the coast proper, climbing rocks, looking for that shot that captures the spirit of the place.

Click on the images for a bigger size

looking back at the inlet

Pahoa Coast

Isolated and desolate places need not lack beauty; you have to look for it.

Pahoa Coast
Rock climbing was the answer to get the shot 

Pahoa Coast
After a few hours of wandering along the beach, climbing the rock formations looking for those shots we head back inland and swung south to Cape Palliser and Ngawi .
The seal colony at Ngawi was the draw card for Ari.
Not many chances to photograph fur seals in India apparently 😀
On the way there we passed some surfers so I begged to stop and snap off a few shots, I love taking photos of people enjoying themselves.
Good photos of surfers are a challenge that’s for sure.

double trouble lol



Finding the tube maybe ?

This guy had a huge board and seemed to know how to use it.


Soon we were off to meet the New Zealand furs seals and their cute babies.

On the way we stopped to show Ari this house

The pacific Ocean is not respecter of man made dwellings and this houses days are numbered .

unstable foundations

The sun had won its battle with the clouds and was now centre stage.
The seals were in fine form, youngsters dotted the rocks, play fighting with each other showing off or feeding off their mothers, Ari and I scaled the rocks enjoying the activity around us.

This baby seal was unimpressed with my mere humanness.


Play fighting a favorite pass time for baby seals


Followed by lunch at the milk bar



Soon it was time to head home but not before getting to more shots of the surfers on the way back.

Surfing Ngawi style
Shooting with the sun behind the surfers had its problems but at the same time it gave me some interesting options

All in all it was a wonderful day out, we were tired, sun baked and our cameras were full of images of how the day unfolded.

This summer we intend to hold day long workshops out on the coast for those who want to get out there amongst the seals and the surf.


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