Sky Fall, Wellington Fireworks Sky Show 2015

Wellington Fireworks Sky Show  2015
I was going to call this post sky fail  but we had to much fun and some stuff turned out all right in the end
After Tammy and I had enjoyed the local Upper Hutt fireworks display we decided to travel into Wellington to see the biggest fireworks display this country has to offer and so we did.

We researched the event and decided it was best to take the train into town as the inner city would be in lock down before, during and after the event.

Tammy Lynn had never been on a train or unit  or even public transport before outside of planes so it was a new experience for her.

We had shot the Highland games in Upper Hutt that morning, the day was fabulous and hot with NO wind so it was with high expectations that we jumped on the Unit eager to get on with it.

click on the images to see the full size.

common, hurry up says Tammy Lynn
Wellington Sky show 2015-1

A mate Paul, decided to come in with us  so the three of us jumped on board

Tammy’s first train ride lol

there was plenty of room on the unit early afternoon and the Tranz Metro Kiwi Rail was pulling out all the stops to get us into town 😀

I found this sign for those lucky people who never go off the rails,  unlike I did in my youth

Wellington Sky show 2015-4

I love the Wellington Railway station and cant resist a quick photo or 2

Wellington railway station

The doorway into an alien place

Wellington railway station

Tammy Lynn does the classic pose

Wellington railway station

Once we made it out into the open street  it became quite concerning as a strong northerly wind made its presence felt.
We kept in touch with the facebook page concerning whether or not the event would be canceled as we made our way along the waterfront towards Oriental Parade where we would set up  for the show.
Along the way we ran slap dab into a wedding with the bride and groom posing for their photo shoot so I did what I do best,  I gate crashed the party.

I think  I got better snaps than the official photographer 😀

Im pretty sure I knew what this man was thinking.
At last, Im gona get my hands on  those puppies  lol

Wellington Sky show 2015-8

Im also pretty sure, he knew, I knew, what he was thinking too.

Welllington Sky show 2015-6320-Edit

Even though we had touched base , the groom and bride did not invite us to the meal and dance later on, I managed to get a photo of the set up anyway.

Wellington Sky show 2015-9

Making our way  east Tammy Lynn realised one of her dreams, to meet some of our rugby players from our national team the All Blacks.

Wellington Sky show 2015-10

and i got to meet the king.

Wellington Sky show 2015-11

Not only that , I was granted an audience with him, it was a golden moment for me

Wellington Sky show 2015-12

I told him my photos would make him famous, he said just put some money in my bucket, some people have no manners 😀

We continued along our way, the water front was alive with people and the city was filling up.

this woman could not resist to look at herself as she sped past a shop window.

I can imagine her thoughts

Yep all that running is paying off, I look wonderful 😀

Wellington Sky show 2015-13

Once past te papa museum we were getting close

Lest we forget

Wellington Sky show 2015-14

The next object of our curiosity was the fair  with all its rides and shrieking people.

Wellington Sky show 2015-18

Whats up with this selfie business, everyones into it.

Wellington Sky show 2015-19

Tammy Lynn made a whole new heap of friends

and I met a heap of guys just like me, cant shut their mouths to save them selves lol

Wellington Sky show 2015-16

I wanted heaps of time to find a good spot  , however I was thwarted as the barge the show was being launched on was not positioned in the Harbour early due to the high winds so I had some guessing to do.

It was blowing hard out and freezing cold but the event was not being called off so we looked for a spot to set up and waited , not recommended for the timid as we had 2 hours of waiting.

Wellington Sky show 2015-21

at last night came along with the barge so we had abit of a sprint around the harbour and we were locked and loaded.

Now this is what the paper had to say about the conditions  the day after.

“The event was hailed as a success by organisers and the fire service, who attended very few Guy Fawkes-related incidents over the weekend.

Wellington’s weather turned on clear skies and just a light northerly breeze, providing world-renowned artistic pyrotechnic designer Robert McDermott a near perfect canvass to work with.”

200,000 people poured into the city to watch the show.

notice the words “Wellington’s weather turned on clear skies and just a light northerly breeze,”

Well I ask you peoples,  does this look like a light breeze?

Wellington sky show 2015

I dont know what that reporter was on or which show he was watching from and where, (must have been inside, not outside where we were) lol

The camera does not record the fireworks in the same way as our eyes do , the show to the human eye looked pretty good  but as most of my exposures were around 4 seconds the wind blew that classic orb like shape we all love to see in a good fire works display into a crazy sideways drifting smudge lol.

I was left guessing and desperately trying to get some useful images out of the conditions , long , short exposures, I tried everything during the 10 minute show.

at the end I was grateful for what i got, the show itself to the human eye was awesome.

Smudge city

Wellington sky show 2015

so I tried shorter exposure times everything.Some came out not too bad

Wellington sky show 2015

Wellington sky show 2015

Others were a bit stringy 

Wellington sky show 2015

Wellington sky show 2015

Wellington sky show 2015

The show finished with a beautiful  KABOOM , I wish I could have kept the shutter open a wee longer

Then it was over and I was left wondering what had happened lol.

a billion people made their way into the city centre to enjoy the rest of Saturday night and we traveled with them but made our way straight to the station and home.
It had been a massive day with an early start.

 but still we had energy to be silly so and sos on the unit on the way home.

Wellington Sky show 2015-33

It had been an awesome day and as that great philosopher Arnie the terminator  said “I will be back”  next year, hopefully the wind will stay away but what are the chances when Wellington is the windiest city in the world . lol

Hope you enjoy.





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