Send Christmas cards with photos of your  family to other  family members and  friends this Christmas
Photo Mini Sessions are an excellent way to get that special photo and save time

with your season greeting cards!  Share the perfect gift of preserving memories whether it be the entire family, newlyweds, new-borns, or beloved pets!


Bookings will be held through the end of November only.  Please allow about 30 minutes for your session and no clothing changes. You will be able to view 5 processed proofs a few days after your shoot to select for your order. Collections B and C may choose Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or Happy New Year for their greeting cards.



Collection A (1 pose only) $90

1-8 X 10

24 wallet sized


Collection B (may choose 2 poses) $120

2-5 X 7 prints

1-8 X 10 print

20 greeting cards (1 pose) with envelopes


Collection C (may choose 3 poses) $150

3-5 x 7 prints

1-8 x 10 print

50 greeting cards (1 pose) with envelopes


Boney Whitefoot Photography strives to provide expert and exceptional customer service and finished products you can be proud of.  Call us today to reserve your slot as bookings may become limited.  We look forward to capturing your special moments!  You may view more of our work at


Phone: 04 526 8711 or Cell: 022 385 6994


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