Out For a Scout

Scouting for future photo shoot locations can be a rewarding endeavour on it own .
With an upcoming family portrait shoot fast approaching , we opted to look for something out of the ordinary for location, lighting and creative interest.
Tammy and I headed to Kaitoke Regional Park with our friend, Paul, and his dog, Zack for an awesome spring afternoon exploring the bush looking for spectacular shots.

Click to enlarge the image.

A rimu Tree  in the late afternoon

Rimu in the sun

Kaitoke is about a fifteen minute drive North of Upper Hutt and is truly a treasure for the entire Hutt valley boasting breathtaking scenery, lush native forest, bird watching, camping, swimming and all around great family fun.

Tammy waiting for me to get ready

Tammy Lynn at the beginning of the loop track.

The swing bridge , Kiatoke regional park marks the beginning of the loop track

the swing bridge , Kiatoke regional park

A massive Rata tree close to the beginning of the track seemed ideal for a family portrait so Tammy, Paul and Zack positioned themselves up the tree and I took a few shots.

Paul, Tammy Lynn and the dog Zack , pose for me at the rata tree

The rata tree

Sometimes its hard to get control of these models , they do have a flair for the dramatic lol

Kaitoke regional park-6467-Edit

With a bit of a tidy up  this little spot could look interesting.
of course Zack needs to be in the picture.
Kaitoke regional park-6473-Edit


Kaitoke regional park-6479

There could be a fun option here

Paul and Tammy

Kaitoke regional park-6498-Edit

Tammy Lynn

One of a few look outs on the Kaitoke loop walk.

heading across the river  this seemed a nice spot for a sit down

Tammy Lynn

Along the way there are lookouts,  so one can see the surrounding tree clad ridges that make up the southern Tararua mountain ranges.

A short loop track meanders down one side of the river and back up the other side gave us heaps of options to be creative. It was a great experience which provided the opportunity to learn some of the things that worked as far as positioning, lighting, timing, and exposure and also the things that did not work in this type of location. We look forward to future location scouting’s at a variety of points of interest for fine tuning.
Its all part of the fun and looking for something different.

Light chaser workshops  are also an option for the beginner photographer as summer is on the way  and the loop track offers  great opportunities to teach the art of creative photography.

matai tree in the late sun. Kaitoke regional park.

matai tree

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