Happy new years from Boney

A mother Gannet watches closely as her chick emerges out of the egg. You can just see the beak poking through.

A mother Gannet watches closely as her chick emerges out of the egg.
You can just see the beak poking through.

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Well Im back after a 3 week mission with the camera. Three weeks without a day off as it did not rain at all during the day. We left on the 20th of December to get a jump on the holiday makers and went hard out for 21 consecutive days , from day break until dark every day and some times with hundreds of miles in between shooting locations.
Are you on holiday ? I was often asked as we camped in caravan parks and met many people.
No ma’am it’s no holiday, Im munted lol
Me I slept in my little tent while Steve had the luxury of sleeping in the back of the wagon that was converted into a bed.

The big news for this year

Im planning to be married this year to lovley lady who lives in the States, so this trip was to be my swan song , my last long trip away with Steve, so we went hard out and gave it everything.

We went up the east coast from Wellington through Napier to wairoa , cut inland through the urewera National Park and onto to the Bay of Plenty.
Next we went over to the Firth of Thames, up to north Auckland, on upwards to Northland and then the long trip back down the North Island to Wellington where I live.
We stopped in on turangi and Foxton on the way.
I was able to photograph many (lifers), a birding term for the first sighting of a new species, which will find their way into this blog during the year.

First though I want to do a highlights entry for the year just past.
With so much work and time spent shooting and chasing birds, its hard to find the time to write about the locations and the adventures. I hope to that all you that read my blog are all off to a good start for the new year and bless you guys and gals heaps. Remember check your settings on the camera before you set off to use it, that way you wont get caught out trying to shoot with the wrong setup like what happened to me not so long ago. 2 hours down the tubes lol. I promise I will post more often even if this means shorter entries so check back often and remember Im always open to Ideas on how to improve my blog for you folks so don’t hesitate to give me ideas.

PS just a wee note.
Although my grandma is creative and not often correct as Im dyslexic Maori place names do not have capitals or at least shouldn’t have lol


3 thoughts on “Happy new years from Boney

  1. Well done, for your 21 busy days. You should start posting a picture or bird a day/week. That will help you to constant give us something to look out for. Have an awesome New Year.

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