Around Wellington, Cape Palliser prt1.a

This is my first in what I hope will be a series of posts on the greater Wellington region.
The purpose is to show the punters just what Wellington and her surrounds has to offer in the way of scenery and adventure.

Today we will visit Cape Palliser and the small settlement of Ngāwī, the last settlement on this part of the coast road.
Ngawi is famous for its fishing boats, baby bulldozers, seal colony and the Putangirua Pinnacles

I’ll break this post into 2 parts as there is too much to cover in a single post.

Cape Palliser is the southernmost point of the North Island, even further south than Blenheim on the South Island.

Approximately a 100 kilometre drive from Wellington, it’ takes a few hours to drive to the coast. The road snakes over the winding Rimutaka hill road and spills out onto the open Wairarapa plains and meanders its way south east towards the coast with many roads feeding off the main route, leading to a variety of beaches, all of which are worth investigation.

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Theres always something to take a shot of on the way.

golden crop

A little history

Captain Cook named Cape Palliser after Sir Hugh Palliser who was a Admiral in the British Royal Navy.

Ngāwī is a small fishing settlement and the main income comes from crayfish fishing. About 30 fishing boats are pushed into the sea on their trailers by small bulldozers.

Me being a idiot racing the little yellow bulldozer with the settlement of Ngawi behind us.

The little yellow bulldozer  Ngawi, Cape Wiararapa

Every now and again fate smiles, what would the chances be of finding a pretty young tourist from Spain with the same coloured dress as the little yellow bulldozer?

The little yellow bulldozer  model

the bulldozers at work

When the boat comes in

Recreational pursuits and photo ops

The baby bulldozers have become a feature for the small settlement. God created man in His image, man cannot help but express that creative side of himself. In this instance, artistic expression breaks out and becomes apparent in the form of endearing paint jobs.

Meet Tinky Winky

Tinky winky the bulldozer

and Babe

Babe  the bulldozer

Recreational fishing attracts many fisher people to this place and during the weekends the beaches are alive with active hopefuls heaving lures and baits out into the surf.

fishing at twightlight

Just a fun place is Cape Passliser

Brother and Sister fishing

The Putangirua Pinnacles

The Putangirua Pinnacles are a spectacular landscape feature

These pinnacles are a great place to visit. A 1 -4 hours return walk is needed to see them from the top, but 1 hour walk up the stream bed sees you at the bases of these amazing pillars.

The Putangirua Pinnacles

Lord of the Rings
The Putangirua Pinnacles were chosen to be Part of the Paths of the Dead sequence in the film The Return of the King.

The Putangirua Pinnacles

The coast around this area offers some great surfing and add variety and some fantastic photographic opportunities.


Surfer tops out

Surfer eases out of the wave.

The seal colony
Ngawi has a fantastic New Zealand fur seal colony

Some of the Baby Seals are quiet approachable

Paul has a close encounter

These little guys are waiting for Mum to come home.

the three musketeers

Im not sure that there is much going on inside that head

Baby New Zealand Fur Seal, Ngawi, Wiararapa

There is also a pretty picturesque lighthouse out there that is un-named.

The un-named light house

Ngawi is famous for its fishing boats, bulldozers, Pinnacles and seal colony, but the real gem for us is the spectacular sunsets.

Wild wind whipped waves and the red sun drenched hills at last light really set this place apart.
Spectacular sunsets
The waves glow in the sunset

Sunset surf

The hills glow red in the sunset

Red hills

The sea glows in the sunset

Wiararapa sunset

the whole place glows

Golden light

When the sun peeks through the cloud this special place is off the wazoooo charts

Golden shafts of light


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