The Rimutaka Pig Hunters competition

I went to have a looksee at the Rimutaka Pig Hunters competition on the Monday of this Labour weekend past.
This is the first Pig hunting competition I’ve been to, I didn’t really know what to expect, Drunken, redneck yahoos, uncouth filthy pig hunter loonies or a bunch of guys standing around trying to look tough. I didn’t see any of that, I saw plenty of dead pigs, a few deer and heaps of kids bringing in Goats, Possums, Hares, Rabbits and even a rat.
I have to say it was very well run and everyone was well behaved, no drunken louts either.
I also have to say what a great way of getting the youngsters involved.
It was a good turn out with 150 entries from as far away as the South Island and north to the Hawkes bay.
Children are the future of hunting in this country and there were heaps and heaps of them at the competition. I spent most of my time photographing them, it’s fascinating watching them react to dead animals, some poke, others prod; some smell the animals and others to be honest looked truly horrified.

Some were fascinated

Some kids were fasinated

Others were horrified

Others were horified

In the Biggest pig category Trent Smith won with a big ginger coloured hog weighing in at 160.16 lbs

The winning team

I got the impression that this was their third pig Trent has ever caught, he and his two other hunting mates Troy Gilmour and Jason Magee nailed the Boar and Trent stuck it, I think behind the shoulder while it was being held by his two Kuri team. Well done boys you look the biz,I just hope it isn’t years before you get a bigger one.
The longest tusks category went to Rick Thomas a pretty quiet chap, but he did say us deer stalkers are a bit gay.

The Possum throwing comp was very popular.

Possum flying comp

A great crowd watching the possums fly

Even mothers got their children involved.

Mom encourages her youngster

The kids bought in pests of all shapes and sizes.

Trophy Rabbit

A few decent Hogs and a couple of Deer

A few decent Hogs and a couple of Deer

All in all it was a great afternoon, the kids were happy and there’s a few less Pigs around.


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