Chasing the light at the Waimanu Wildlife Reserve

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Mid arvo on a lovely day, while traveling back from my niece’s wedding up north, I had the chance to drop into one of my favourite birding spots in the North Island.

Waimanu Wildlife Reserve, situated on the Kapiti coast, right bang smack in front of Kapiti Island at the mouth of the Waikanae River offers superb opportunities to watch and photograph estuary birds. The reserve is home to over 60 species of lagoon and estuary birds at different times of the year and at its best on a good day, it’s unbelievable just how many different birds can be seen and photographed on and around the river, the three lagoons, sea shore and swamp. These birds can be quite people tolerant and at times will allow you to get pretty close to them.

Sunsets looking down the river out to the sea are first class. In the summer months the sun sets in line with the run of the river and further north, to line up directly behind Kapiti Island, around mid-winter, this means it’s a perfect place to watch the end of another day after photographing birds around the swamps and estuary.

I hope you enjoy the images folks,bless ya heaps.


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