Twas a week before Christmas a Christmas post.

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Twas a week before Christmas and I was steaming or should I say huffing and puffing my way out from a favourite hunting possie from whence I’d hoped to smoke over Rudolf and convert him into steaks for the Chrissie Barbie. I had not scored, the 3 week drought had broken and I had received 3 days of constant rain, with a 5 hour walk both ways and this being my first hunt for 8 months the going was hard, hot, very humid and very wet, I was just a tad down in the dumps.

 It has been a very hard year for me financially and as I was walking and sweating like a sieve , I was complaining to God about where I was going to get the money for pressies for everyone and what about the price of food and petrol when he broke into my train of  thought and spoke to me saying, it was him who had given the very first Christmas gift, the most important gift mankind ever had and ever would, receive. He also told me that he hadn’t just whipped down to the local mall and purchased this gift on his credit card and added it to the national debt. This got me to thinking about the great gift he had given us and although you cannot put Jesus in a box, three main attributes sprang to mind.

Forgiveness, Grace and Passion.

The first, God forgave us our trespasses and transgressions, holding nothing back, we were completely forgiven , the second, God gives us  Grace, that free space around our actions and intentions to grow up, before we grow old. This brings me to the last, Passion, Jesus had such a passion for life, he lived totally in the moment whether it be talking to prostitute’s, thieves and drug addicts or receiving revelation directly from the Father. Eventually that passion led him to the cross where he suffered an agonising separation from that Father and gained our freedom for eternity.

Right all well and good says I, what does all this mean? It was about then that the penny dropped and I realised God was showing me that he had already provided the true Christmas gift for me to give to my family and friends. To extend Forgiveness when they trespass on my own rights, feelings and privileges, to allow them Grace to grow without doing my nut every time they didn’t live up to my expectation’s and Passion, to live life, trusting God and living it to the full, to expect good things to happen, to look forward but to live in the moment, without looking back and dragging up my past failures. Surely, or at least for me, this is the perfect gift to give away this Christmas.

Thanks guys and girls for reading this, have a fantastic Christmas and enjoy your family and friends, I know I will. God Bless.


8 thoughts on “Twas a week before Christmas a Christmas post.

  1. Nice pics from your hunt.
    That God of yours is a bit intursive isn’t he/she? Bargining into your thoughts like that.
    This has the makings of an interesting blog site, but please don’t use it as a conduit to batter me with religious stuff 🙂

  2. While it is certainly not my intention to use this blog to bang people over the head with the gospel and force Jesus upon the crowd, my relationship with God is and does play a major role in forming my paradigms and my world view. I’m sure God will be turning up in my posts from time to time in the future. Bless ya heaps Brucey 🙂

  3. Surrounded by Majestic beauty.
    We truly do have a lot to be thankful for as evidenced through your photography. Box on bro –

  4. Nice one Tony… mate, 8 months since a hunt! Are you sure you even know what Rudolph looks like anymore?

    Great pics as always. Have a good Christmas – look forward to catching up in the New Year (and on your blog!)

  5. Awesome blog bro, images are outstanding. I want to spend sometime with you both capturing images and post. Your Christmas meanderings message is very refreshing, the Truth about the greatest gift is so simple but we make it so complicated. Because it talks about a relationship between God and man those who are open embrace it and those who cant face Him choose to live a lie. I say “better to be disliked for who you truly are than liked for who you aren’t” Keep up capturing the images of nature and marveling at the wisdom of our Creator. I get it! Have an awesome Christmas, wish we could be together. Love to you and Nathan, your Brother.

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