My mission statement

Right here we go. The purpose of this web/blog is firstly and honestly to drum up business for (Boney Whitefoot Photography) for me via the workshops I run to help earn me a living, I will not hide that fact or dress it up to make it look like something else. However secondly I wish to encourage adventure, photographic adventures to be precise be it in our mountains and wilderness or just down the road at the local duck pond. Thirdly I want to take people on my adventures sharing with anyone interested what I have and what I am learning.
To say that the more I learn the more I realize the little I know might well be a cliché, but its true none the less , my desire is too inspire and help fellow photographer’s reach their full potential along with myself … lets do it together. Ive written on my website in my bio but for whats its worth it bears repeating again here The bond between photographers is a unique one and seems to be long term in most cases. It can bring out the best and worst in people, in the end its simply up to us in the way we respond to others. I choose to be inspired by other peoples work and it never ceases to amaze me to see the gifts other people possess.
So lets do this together and see where we end up.


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