Well its been a wee while


Well it’s been a wee while since I set this blog up, I’ve been very busy over winter sorting out my http://www.boneywhitefoot.com/ website, but rest assured I will be coming back on a regular basis from now on with photgraphic adventure’s to share with ya folks. I’ve been putting off learning this blogging stuff till my floor was cleared of work, but now there’s no getting away from it. I’m looking forward to the challenge of learning this stuff and sharing some of my thoughts and hard won wisdoms on photography, what it means to me and hopefully where it will lead in the future.

I make no qualms that I’m a Christian and all that I see and do is filtered through my relationship with the living God as I have come to understand him and his son Jesus Christ. So with this starting post let’s get to it.


2 thoughts on “Well its been a wee while

  1. Your creativity is a gift………without measure. Many use their gifts or talents for their own ends but to honor Him who gives us all good things will bring the favour of God upon your life and business. Blessings my bro.

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